Welcome on my Blog ….. Appreciate your coming …..

“Breath in Love & Breath out Happiness”

This essence has been my real wealth & earning for last 68 Years apart from learning to be a good human being, a family person with children & grand children .

An Entrepreneur and a product designer , who evolved as an art-collector , a music lover , a photographer , a spiritual scientist , & an author of ‘Own zerO’ in year 1984.

By inspirations from my Grand Children in 2010 started sharing my writings on WordPress and with the encouragement from Fellow Bloggers ….. journey continues …..

own zero

‘OWN ZERO’ book , whose text authored by ram H singhal in Year 1984 and photographed between 2017 and 2018 to make it a visual book on website http://ownzero.org/

you are welcome to read it on or after 22 August 2020 at http://ownzero.org/ . A value for time destination.

” OWN ZERO ” and ram H singhal are Wisdom Channels on Youtube . These have collection of Morning Meditation Walks Monologues by ram H singhal.


you Can Visit “My Instagram Account ownzero2020

link : https://www.instagram.com/ownzero2020/

Love all.


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