Tao Te Jing = 1 =The Way

The Way that can be experienced is not true;
The world that can be constructed is not true.
The Way manifests all that happens and may happen;
The world represents all that exists and may exist.

To experience without intention is to sense the world;
To experience with intention is to anticipate the world.
These two experiences are indistinguishable;
Their construction differs but their effect is the same.

Beyond the gate of experience flows the Way,
Which is ever greater and more subtle than the world.

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 ram0ram foot note 

love is an expression without expressed…..

beyond every known and unknown dimensions is dimension of love….

Flows as neutral and natural like water is the way……

and subtle essence of all the rays……

Love all.

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Tao Te Jing = timeless wisdom of Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu

[Lao Tzu]

Biography of Lao Tzu – Founder of Taoism

It’s hard to pin down a biography of Lao Tzu (570-490 BC). There are numerous legends about him. Many believe he never existed at all, while historians can point to several possible historical identities for him. Regardless, the legends give the book an endearing, human face. They all place him in Luoyang (marked in this map), the ancient capital of China.

China map

Confucius and Lao Tzu

The most famous legends are of how he came to write the Tao and of his meeting with Confucius 
(pictured below; click for larger version of image):

Around the 6th century B.C.E. Greece had Plato and Socrates; India had the Buddha and China had Confucius and Lao Tzu. Born in Ch’u (present-day Henan Province), Lao Tzu ([small Lao Tzu]), which literally means “old master”, is also sometimes referred to as Lao Tan or Li Er. 

Confucius meets Lao TzuHe was appointed Keeper of the Imperial Archives by the King of Zhou in Luoyang. He studied the archive’s books avidly and his insight grew.

Hearing of Lao Tzu’s wisdom, Confucius travelled to meet him. Confucius put a lot of emphasis on traditional rituals, customs and rites. 

Confucius asked Lao Tzu about performing rites and rituals. Lao Tzu replied: “The bones of the people you are talking about have long since turned to dust! Only their words linger on. If a man’s time comes, he will be successful; if not, he will not be successful. A successful merchant hides his wealth and a noble person of character will feign foolishness. Therefore, you should give up your proud airs, your desires, vanity and extravagant claims! They are useless to you.

Later Confucius later told his students:
Birds can fly,
Fish can swim,
Animals can run,
So they can all be snared or trapped.

But Lao Tzu is like a flying Dragon, un-trappable.

Traditional Chinese painting of Lao Tzu
leaving LuoYang on an Ox

Much later, Lao Tzu perceived that the kingdom’s affairs were disintegrating , so it was time to leave. He was travelling West on a buffalo when he came to the Han Gu Pass, which was guarded. The keeper of the pass realised Lao Tzu was leaving permanently, so he requested that Lao Tzu write out some of his wisdom so that it could be preserved once he was gone (pictured on the right). 

Lao Tzu climbed down from his buffalo and immediately wrote the Tao Te Ching. He then left and was never heard of again.

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p.s….. thought to present this timeless wisdom in contemporary context in essence in 81 wisdom notes ……steno at work again…..love all.


one ray telling other ray about Sun is wisdom or ignorance ?

then why we blog or write ?

there is a saying ….. in Hindi…..HARI ANANT ….HARI KATHA ANANTHA ……KAHAU SUNAHU VIDHI VIDHI SANTA…….. the meaning is lord is infinite….so is the tales of that infinite…….and it told and listened by different enlightened masters, in many different ways all across the world, in different languages at different times and but all in language of love and silence .

WordPress is like a cooking site…where we all come to know and taste…..different taste of the same potato……that is why we call God ..DAYALU which means KIND POTATO…..so many come to learn and unlearn and also for a quality social and spiritual conversations , is the main reason to blog on facebook or any other site.

spirituality is like a love affair always individual and not to judge people good or bad but to remain neutral….being neutral we can always give the same level to all naturally.

we all read again and again wisdom of enlightened masters to find the meaning of words…..but true wisdom is to find  silence between the words…..the degree of silence is the degree of Wisdom.

Raft along the river of life……witness how different civilizations refer water with totally different names…..but essence of all different names is to quench thirst only…….so is with God……to quench thirst for eternal happiness with every breath is experience ……….with ram0ram wisdom notes.

we will start our journey with …..Tao Te Jing = timeless wisdom of Lao Tzu

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